About My Brother, Jon

December 5, 2017 — Tim Foreman

About My Brother, Jon & His Crazy Dream

With another amazing year on the road under our belt, we find ourselves back on the West Coast, settling in for Christmas with our families.

This time of year is always a natural time for reflection and remembering everything I have to be thankful for. Towards the top of a very long list… is my brother. I’m thankful for my brother, and that we get to share this journey through life together — the good, the bad, and the ugly (we ARE brothers, afterall).


One of the questions we probably get the most is: “What’s it like to be in a band with your brother? What’s he really like?”

A longer answer is deserved, but for starters, how about: wise, intense, brilliant, hilarious, … and absolutely out of his mind!

For example, a while back, Jon had a crazy dream of playing 25 shows in 24 hours — I know, right?!? But I knew that if anyone could pull off this seemingly impossible task, it would be my brother. And those of us who were there to experience that dream felt privileged, knowing we were witnessing something truly special, and truly Jon.

In the Spring of 2018 (while I’m at home surfing, hehe) Jon and Friends will bring the story of 25 in 24 to you with a special night of music and a movie, and it will be rad, I promise.



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  • David Travis Hankins

    Let’s see a Houston date on there!

  • David

    Ooops…. missed Texas. Hard to miss!

    • Christian Stringer

      Right? Come to TX Jon!

  • Steve Davis

    Fort Worth! Fort Worth! Fort Worth!

    • Christian Stringer

      Yes! Agreed!

  • Cassie H.

    I really want to be able to see this, but there are no Texas dates!

  • Zin Li

    The eyes of Texas are waiting Jon.

    • Leslie Martin

      All the live long day!

  • it will be amazing… 🙂

  • Tim Adams

    Nothing says Merry Christmas like grabbing your tickets to see Jon Foreman. I’m crazy about college hoops, but in 2018, “March Madness” has a new meaning!

  • Christian Stringer

    Texas bro! Texas!!!

  • Ann Luedtke Vriezelaar


  • CyPontuo

    So happy to see this I’m so full of joy this band has kept me fed and solid in a strange strange difficult yet miraculous world . Thankful the creator put this puzzle piece to help many others fit into a sometimes tricky kingdom , Jon is deep and yet simple and always centered around love yet asks the proper questions I feel – few in music have edified me beyond just emotions , thankful for modern prophets who exalt an ever evolving reformation yet holding to the roots . This tour should be great his solo work is just amazing stuff …

  • Rhonda Duhon

    So looking forward to Durham and hopefully 1 or 2 others. We’re so thankful for you guys. Enjoy surfing and your families..hope to see ya before too long. Thanks!

  • Bill Holloway

    Vancouver, Canada… Please!!!!

  • John Beattie

    Jon, please bring a show
    To Toronto Ontario

  • Danielle Pepperjelly

    I vote Colorado Springs, Colorado! Totally worth 1 day stay, weather is great and I will surely be there! went to the last show with Lifehouse In Denver thinking LH would be going first so I arrived late…just as you guys were finishing! boo 🙁 So needless to say- I HAVE to see you all again- God changes my life with your music everyday- Just re-read the lyrics to “beautiful letdown”…. nailed it!

  • Bruce

    Shafter? Seriously?? That is awesome! I will be driving out to the desert to see this show. The remote location can only add to the awesomeness of this show.

  • phinehas68

    Speaking of Christmas, when are you guys going to make your own Christmas album? Day one purchase for me.


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