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May 16, 2016 — Jon Foreman




We’re so pumped to be hitting the road this fall with our good pals Relient K! We’re going to be playing songs off our new record WHERE THE LIGHT SHINES THROUGH (along with some favorites from our other records too, of course).  Hope to see you at one of the shows!  -jon



09/17 Houston, TX
09/19 Denver, CO
09/20 Kansas City, MO
09/21 Clive, IA
09/23 Saint Paul, MN
09/24 Farmington, MO
09/25 Madison, WI
09/28 Detroit, MI
09/29 Grand Rapids, MI
09/30 Chicago, IL
10/01 Chicago, IL
10/02 Indianapolis, IN
10/03 Toledo, OH
10/06 Columbus, OH
10/07 Cincinnati, OH
10/08 Chattanooga, TN
10/09 Nashville, TN
10/12 Pittsburgh, PA
10/13 Clifton Park, NY
10/14 Wallingford, CT
10/15 Huntington, NY
10/17 New York, NY
10/18 Boston, MA
10/20 Lynchburg, VA
10/21 Bel Air, MD
10/22 Richmond, VA
10/25 Philadelphia, PA
10/26 Silver Spring, MD
10/28 North Myrtle Beach, SC
10/29 Raleigh, NC
10/30 Atlanta, GA
10/31 Birmingham, AL
11/02 Charlotte, NC
11/03 Thomasville, GA
11/04 St. Petersburg, FL
11/05 Fort Lauderdale, FL
11/06 Vero Beach, FL
11/09 New Orleans, LA
11/10 Memphis, TN
11/11 Oklahoma City, OK
11/12 Tulsa, OK
11/14 San Antonio, TX
11/16 Dallas, TX
11/17 Austin, TX
11/18 Lubbock, TX
11/19 Rio Rancho, NM
11/20 Tempe, AZ
11/22 Tucson, AZ
11/23 Las Vegas, NV
11/25 Los Angeles, CA
11/26 San Francisco, CA

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  • When are you sending the presale code out? I just signed up for the newsletter at 4:45EST! It says the presale is tomorrow.

  • Pureheart

    Please send us the presale code. We are waiting…….

  • Sportsphotogirl

    I need the presale code!

  • Lizzietish11

    Didn’t get my pre-sale code yet

  • Ted Lehr

    Ticket site is up but I need the code…

    • Ted Lehr

      never mind… 🙂

      • Brittani Bee Burnat

        Did your code work?

        • Ted Lehr

          I have a citi card – and the number for it works as the code…

          • Anna Roig

            how did you get to the spot to enter to code?

          • Ted Lehr

            The site for the venue… it was a pop-up on the ticket page..

          • Anna Roig

            ah i think because its all general admission tickets for my venue, so there are no presale tickets. my city doesn’t show up on ticket master site either

  • Bart Stone

    This was awesome!!! Can’t wait to see them tour together!!!


    Hey friends: PRE-SALE CODE: Use this presale code for early access to tickets: SFOOTRK

    • Fritter

      Thanks! It looks like a lot of people are having problems using the code on etix. Is the code currently working for that site?


        That code is correct. Unfortunately, we have no control over these etix platforms, but we’re hoping the issues get resolved soon…

  • Fritter

    Should that code work on all sites? etix says that the password is incorrect.

  • hahahahaha!

  • Mark Nogle

    Presale code is not working on etix

    • Fritter

      Try it again. I just got it to go through!

      • Mark Nogle

        Still can’t get it to work for Toledo

  • Dianna Wellner Strong

    Why oh why aren’t you bringing Relient K to Washington or Oregon? We would be so pumped to see Switchfoot and Relient K together. It would be the best of both bands for my family!!

    • Alvilda Allie Rolle

      I thought I saw several dates for Washington and 1 for Oregon

      • Dianna Wellner Strong

        You are correct regarding Switchfoot. But not with Relient K. Their part of the tour begins in Colorado.

        • Alvilda Allie Rolle

          Ohh i c, thank you, I understand now! Maybe on the next round!

  • Daniel

    Come to London, UK ! We love you so much and it’s been too long! I will personally greet you at the airport if you tell me your flight! Haha ok, only if the wife agrees but seriously… Come to London, please? 🙂

    • Helen

      Hey another UK fan?! Yeyyy! Did you see them last year? 🙂

      • Daniel

        I think I last saw them on the Vice Verses tour in Brixton, so I guess that means I haven’t seen them since 2012! 🙁
        Simply the best live band…

        • Helen

          Yeah I saw them then too – so lifechanging I was determined to see as many shows as possible when they came back, I am incredibly blessed to have got the chance finally. There’s other UK fans in a facebook group if you want to connect with more of us and you’re on there – search for Switchfoot/Jon Foreman Fans 🙂

  • Daniel

    PS. I ordered the new album the second you emailed about it… Can’t wait 🙂


    The promoters are working on the tix log-in for these dates: Grand Rapids, Toledo, Farmington & Madison.
    We hope these issues are resolved super quickly!

    • Jessica Shrock

      Any updates on the Toledo eTix site? Still not working for me this morning

  • Emily

    Jon, the cucumbers lolol

  • Can’t figure out how to get presale tickets for Denver through AXS, any chance of getting that working?

  • alternozzz

    Hey man!!! Are you guys coming to Houston or Austin or closer with Relient K?!?!?!?

  • Marielle Manganaan

    will you ever come to Toronto, ON in Canada again? i check back every time, i really hope it’s in the plans ? i was too young to go myself before and now i feel like i’ve missed my only chance

  • Michelle Woodcock

    VIP option is gone – HELP!

  • Kevin Shaggy Rootz

    Is Gold Circle tickets the VIP for the Farmington Show?

  • Cody Whitaker

    Can you share any info about the VIP experience? I don’t see an option for purchasing those tickets anywhere.


    Hey guys, SORRY! the VIP is down for an hour. We’ll have it back up as soon as we can!

  • Emily

    are you guys planning to have a concert somewhere in B.C. Canada???? ive never been to one of your concerts, and im going to cry if in the next year you don’t get yourselves down here 🙁

    • Emily


  • Emily

    and btw, Jon, was that sketch of Mickey Mouse actually yours? 😛

  • Helen

    That vid is utterly priceless! Love your random crazy sense of humour so much 😀 😀

  • John Trenter

    This is a great price for these particular 2 bands. What a legacy both have left, I am tempted to buy 4 or maybe 6 tix with VIP for this one!! I only wish the Myth had seats and not standing room only but understand that most attendees won’t be senior citizens as I am!!

  • Justin Tackett

    I have watched this video 5 times. I will watch it again. Until at last, we unite in a glorious brotherhood meeting of music and friendship!!!!! Hooray! Lets find America together!!!!

  • Bradley Danforth

    Saw them on the ‘Fading West’ tour in Jacksonville, Fl. Best band and show i’ve ever seen live! Can wait for the ‘Looking For America’ Tour too!

  • Judy

    Is this a joint concert or the two bands together, or is Relient K just the opening act?

  • Megan Gunnels

    Will there be a chance of adding a show to Portland?? Would LOVE to see you guys with Relient K!

  • Arielle Chard

    What is the password for the 4 pack tickets for philly??!


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