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March 28, 2016 — Jon Foreman

Thanks everyone!
The Free Download For 'Light & Heavy' Has Expired

10th Anniversary Of TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS

10 years ago my friend showed up with a box of t-shirts at a SWITCHFOOT show. The shirts said “To Write Love On Her Arms.”  It felt like the beginning of a much needed conversation about the silent battle of depression and self harm. I grabbed one out of the box and wore it onstage.  Since then, To Write Love On Her Arms has become a beacon of hope and recovery for thousands around the world.

To celebrate the last ten years, we give you a tune that we wrote for TWLOHA 7 years ago. The song was written for their annual event called “Heavy and Light.”

So in the spirit of love and support for TWLOHA’s 10th anniversary we are offering it up for free download.  Thank you TWLOHA for all you do.

We hope you’ll celebrate with us by supporting TWLOHA. Your donation will help TWLOHA share a message of hope and help with those struggling.


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  • Matthew Barker

    Has anyone not gotten the email after they signed up to download the song?

    • Tess Welbourne Jordan

      I’m still waiting too. :/

      • bellla

        Mine just came through. Did you sign the full form on this page or the popup?

    • may take a bit to get the email

    • Kenton Barkman

      Nope. It sent me an email to subscribe for more emails. No song.


        Hey Kenton,

        If you confirm that subscribe email we will send you the song downloaded a follow-up email .

    • MacKenzie H

      Same. I got the email but no link. I’m confused.


      Hey Matthew,

      Any luck?

      If you haven’t received it yet, email us: [email protected]

  • bellla

    Y’all rock for providing this song and supporting TWLOHA. God bless

  • Quinn Thompson

    I’m already subscribed to the e-mails… I do hope to hear this song 🙂

  • Ryan Christopher Gilbert

    I just got the song!! How can I add it to my iTunes account on my Macbook air?

    • Jimmy Rintjema

      Save to your downloads folder, then open iTunes. Hit command+o (or file > add to library) select the file from your downloads folder, and enjoy!

      • Ryan Christopher Gilbert

        Thanks fellow Foot Fan!! 😀

  • Donna K. Wallace

    Love what you’re doing here, Gentlemen.

  • Carl Lindberg

    Did anyone get a download? I only got a link to a website, and I’m trying to figure out how to put that on my ipod

    • Holly Fongheiser

      I got a link, too…. 😛

      • Carl Lindberg

        “Right-click (or control+click) the link in your email, select “save link as”, then save the mp3 to your downloads folder. Open iTunes, hit command+o (or file > add to library) select the file from your downloads folder, and enjoy!”
        Got that from Jimmy Rintjema. Pass that along!

        • Holly Fongheiser

          I don’t have iTunes…. I only have Windows Media Player

  • Bryan Ashmore

    Thanks, fellas! Appreciate your generosity!

  • HomerS

    I have been signed up with (formerly for many years. Free music every week, and rewards points for reading emails and redeeming codes. They used to have some merchandise, which has reduced a bit due to costs I’m sure, but one thing I like is for every 100 points redeemed you can have them send $1 to one of the organizations they list. To Write Love On Her Arms is the one I always choose, 500 points adds up quite quickly over a few weeks or months, and every $5 (or even every $1) I send helps them while costing me nothing.

  • Matt Goodwin

    This is confusing… I got an email (because I am on the email list) telling me to sign up for the email list to get a free song. So I used an alternate email to sign up again, but I haven’t gotten any link on either email.

  • Sparrow Finsalow

    So I got a link to the song but it comes up as a website and idk how to download it I don’t want to lose the song but idk

  • Deborah Raila

    Come to Brasil!

  • Ryan Kick

    How do you download it? it just sent me to a tab on my browser????


      Right-click (or control+click) the link in your email, select “save link as”, then save the mp3 to your downloads folder. Open iTunes, hit command+o (or file > add to library) select the file from your downloads folder, and enjoy

      • Lou Smile

        Thank you,that greatly helped <3

  • Love this song. It speaks to me deeply

  • Andres Lizcano

    Thanks you so very much!!!

  • Sannyk

    Thanks so much!!! I like the song! I’ll be waiting the 10th album 😀
    Please come to Peru!!!!

  • John Garcia

    Thanks Guys!…no link too..also Last Question: When will all of your Albums be available in Vinyl?

  • Joe Tworkowski

    The entire band came by my house, set up and played me the song. Epic!

  • Ashley

    I didn’t get the song. Total BS. it just sent me to the homepage where it asked me to sign up again??? I got an email to confirm I wanted to get their newsletter but nothing else.

  • Ashley

    just did the whole thing over again and no song. I don’t understand?

    • Ashley

      I also sent an email to whatever person manages the newsletter explaining I didn’t get the song, no answer yet.


      Hey Ashley,

      See anything yet? Maybe check your spam filters… otherwise email us at [email protected] and we’ll send over…

  • Ashley

    got the song, but you don’t get to download it to keep it. it just plays on a webpage. not worth all the hassle. I liked the song and wanted to be able to put it on my computer music but can’t save it


      Hey Ashley, Sorry for the extra hassle. Thanks for baring with us.

      Right-click (or control+click) the link in your email, select “save link as”, then save the mp3 to your downloads folder. Open iTunes, hit command+o (or file > add to library) select the file from your downloads folder, and enjoy

      • Rick S.

        So it’s dependant upon having iTunes? Major bummer! I, along with many others, don’t do iTunes. How about an alternative option via Amazon? Thanks.

        • Rick S.

          Disregard. Reference to iTunes confused me. It opens in other audio players not just iTunes. Thanks for the free tune!

        • Abraham Im

          You don’t actually need iTunes. Just download it to your music folder and do whatever you want with it.


    Hey guys – once you confirm the the subscription email, the song is automatically emailed to you. if you have troubles email us [email protected]

  • Ronnie Lim

    Click “View this email in your browser” on Email with “Free Song Download: “Light & Heavy” Subject.
    and then right click on “Get My Free Song” and then choose “Download Linked File”

  • Maddison Masenheimer

    Thanks for the song…Love it!

  • Larry Parane

    downloaded the song. VIA TABLET/PHONE: when I got to the webpage with the player, I just pressed hold the player then the save video option appeared, saved it in mp3 and now I’m listening to it in my local player. and yes I received the email immediately as soon as I subscribed. God bless Switchfoot!

  • Rick S.

    It’s been almost 3 hrs. & still no download despite filling out 2 forms. Any tips?

  • Jhon Quintero

    que pasa? no me envía ningún link, que es esto’

  • Denise Ashworth

    Thanks Switchfoot & Jon for promoting further awareness of TWLOHA. It’s wonderful to see artists using their talents to help humanity! I’m making a contribution in your names! LOVE the song!

  • Danielle Landis

    Is there a way for me to download it to my iPhone when I open up the “get my free song” email and link?


      If you have a dropbox account…you can save it there

  • Jake Moreno

    Hi guys!! I have a live version of this song I got a while ago! I can’t wait to hear this version! I am a Marine stationed in Yuma, Arizona, about 2 and a half hours away from San Diego. I’ve been a fan since freshman year of highschool. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see you guys live but never have been able to. I’ve always wanted to meet you guys too. You guys have been a great inspiration and encouragement in my life. My 2 top favorite songs of yours is Circles and The Shadow Proves the Sunshine. My dream is to one day drive out to San Diego and meet you guys once you guys are back in the States!
    Semper Fi

    • Maria Sarratea

      Hey Jake im from Yuma Az its rare for me to hear of another switchfoot fan here in this small town but you can always maybe Go to Bro-am its free its in san diego and you maybe even meet the guys its an amazing concert so yeah hope you have a good day!:)

    • Justin Ivie

      Thanks for your service Jake!! I’m retired military now…a devoted Switchfoot fan doing my part to raise 3 new fans (daughters).


    Quick Update, a lot of the initial bugs have been resolved, so hopefully that means you are all enjoying the song. For some this process has been easy peasy and for a few others, troublesome. We’re so sorry about that.

    Please follow the instructions above and if you don’t receive the song download email after you’ve confirmed your subscription with us, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get it to you as soon as we can.

  • Chris

    Thank you guys for all that you do. You always point me to Christ in your songs. Switchfoot as well as Jon’s Wonderlands project has had a huge impact on me.

  • Ken

    If you get the email, right-click the “Get My Free Song” link and click “Save Link As…”
    You can then download the song to whichever location you want. It should save it as an MP3.

  • <3


    Here’s a quick recap of how this works, in case you’re having trouble:

    1.) Enter your email on the form above (

    2.) Confirm subscription

    3.) Once you’ve confirmed, We’ll send ya the song in a follow-up email!
    *Depending on the traffic, this may take a bit…

    4.) Click on the “Get My Free Song” Button

    5). Stream or Download (Control Click)

    Email us if have trouble: [email protected]

  • Camille Salang

    I GOT IT! Only took me few minutes, quite rapid actually. Listening to it right now! This is a great song, why released it just now? But still, I’m glad you did, better to be late than never! And I’m glad I got this before it expires haha! GOD bless Switchfoot!

  • ruth grace cana

    Hi switchfoot! I would like to thank u guys for inspiring me again last sunday at Bonifacio High Street,Philippines! It was a great concert.Hope to see you guys again next year! Just got your free song “Light and Heavy”.Thank you very much! I’m praying that God will continue to bless you and be a blessing to others!

    • Camille Salang

      I was there too! Astig nila noh?! I was actually swept away by their audacity and hope filled songs :)) Appear!

      • ruth grace cana

        Appear!! Galing nila parang d tumatanda! Hehehe..

        • Camille Salang

          Korek! Nagulat din ako the day after ng concert na rin pala nila ginawa yung music vid sa Tondo eh. Naku po, if only I knew! I’d go there!!! HAHAHA XD

          • ruth grace cana

            Ang laki nga ng panghihinayang ko kc dko man lang nalaman.. D talaga nla inannounce kc baka dumugin cla! Hahaha

          • Camille Salang

            Ay truth! baka hindi na matuloy ang filming if ever! Ang akala ko naman sa mga susunod na buwan pa sila mag-shoot. Tas ang naisip ko either sa islands or beaches sila ng Philippines or either sa poorest area if ever. It turns out partly tama ang hunch ko haha

          • ruth grace cana

            Tumpak! Haha ako nga kala ko siargao pa cla pupunta e. Haha…may hint na tayo sa album#10 nila.. Hehe.. Aabangan ko talaga yan..

  • Zoe Villanueva

    Hello from Manila! I just got my free song, thanks Switchfoot! God bless!

  • Ethan Puente

    It opened a tab for me after i clicked the link, but how do i download it as an mp3?


      you should be able to control click on the song, either on the button in the email or in the browser where the song is streaming.

      • Ethan Puente

        thank you!

  • Pallavi Baruah

    Got it!!!! Thank you Switchfoot! 😀

  • Veronica Toks

    Got mine without hassle. Thank you!! <3


    What do you all think of the song????????

    • EdilsaErendill Éowyn

      So excited! Could we download it to our devices? to computers? I love switchfoot’s music composition and unique melodies! and that bass!

      • thedamselindisdress

        Same question!


        you can download from your computers – control click the song in the streaming browser, & save as video or you can control click the “GET MY FREE SONG” button in the email and save to I-Tunes.

    • DrewClemens

      Wow, cool song! It’s different, fun and uplifting.

    • Camille Salang

      What do I think?? I’m definitely feeling Icarus with this song! 😀 I felt the story and connection knowing that you wrote this for TWLOHA. Great job Switchy!

    • Helen

      It’s lush! Such a great vibe. Thank you thank you thank you for finally releasing this! 🙂

    • Erica Goodridge

      So, so beautiful. What a moving tribute! This song feels like an anthem to those who have known what is is to dwell in the dark places, and survive it. We remember those who were not as fortunate. Thank you so much for having passion for humanity, especially in a broken state. Jon, Tim, Drew, Chad, Jerome- your music is a beacon of hope.

    • Michelle Woodcock

      I LOVE it!! Full band is awesome. The BGV and the raw bass are amazing…and I love the percussion and the funky guitar. Love the feel. The music is a nice balance to the heaviness of the lyric. Haha, I guess the song has a Light and Heavy feel to it. 😉

    • Pragya Tripathi

      I absolutely love it! Love the classic reference of Icarus linked with journey of life balancing between darkness and light. Brilliantly written and beautifully composed, very unique and fresh melody – as always. Thank for giving this song as a free download, sharing light and hope with the world. Blessings to you all

  • Bernadeth Rentoy

    Got it! 😀

  • EdilsaErendill Éowyn


  • I got it and had no problems. 🙂 When you get the “Get My Free Song” button, just right-click that and click “Save Link As”. 🙂

  • Peter Gray

    I got an email that lets me listen to the track, which I really like, but no download. What’s up?

    • Josh Zylstra

      I think, from reading the previous comments, you should Ctrl+Click on the link. If not, try right click download or something.

    • Veronica Toks

      Right click on the track, then save as..

  • DJ

    Yep, I got it!!

    1.) Enter your email

    2.) Confirm subscription

    3.) We’ll send ya the song in a follow-up email!

    (May take a few minutes – up to an hr., but it’s coming…Make sure you check your spam folders)
    This is correct!!

  • Helen

    Love at first listen! Wow. I can’t believe you sit on songs as great as this! I hope you’ll consider releasing more? Switchfoot b-sides have to be one of the best things on earth 🙂

  • Josh Zylstra

    It’s been 6 hours and still no song 🙁


      Hey Josh, check your spam folders. If still nothing, send us an email at [email protected]

  • Joey Fester

    It worked for me. I got one email to confirm email and sign up for a newsletter. After clicking that, a second email came with a link to the song. It’s a real sweet tune… Mellow with a silky bassline by Tim. Some fun production stuff, especially the intro. Nice song, great cause!

  • Justin Ivie

    The window opened and played the new song…it is great. But it did not download the MP3. Is this the only way we can listen to the song via a link or will we be able to download the MP3 to put on other audio devices? Thanks guys!! Hope to see you in San Antonio for the new tour!!

  • Justin Ivie

    Great song guys! We are very much looking forward to your new album and tour. Hope to see you in San Antonio!! Thanks again for the new song!!

  • aron

    I love this sound, you guys!

  • yey! thanks for the free song! so awesome 🙂

  • Rachel Pekras

    Thanks SWITCHFOOT!!! Very cool song! Hello Hurricane is such an awesome album. May God continue to bless you guys. Can’t wait to hear your new music. Love from San Diego!

  • Tyler Grace

    I haven’t gotten the email yet and I subscribed yesterday


      Tyler – shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll send you the link. Sorry about that!

  • Jordan Shrope

    I have tried everything and still can’t download the song!!!


      Hey Jordan, have you received the email?

      • Jordan Shrope

        Yes but it just directs me to the song to listen to it in a new window but it doesn’t download :/

        • SWITCHFOOT

          Try this: Control click the streaming song in the browser & save as video

          • Jordan Shrope

            It’s unfortunately not working. Is there any way you could send the link in an email?

          • Jordan Shrope

            Hallelujah I got it!! Saved it as an itunes file 😀 Thanks for making such beautiful music!!!

          • SWITCHFOOT


            We are so sorry for this inconvenience. To download the song you can either, press control on your keyboard and click on the song, and there should be an option to download to iTunes, OR click this link and control click the song once opened and it will let you download the song as a video.

            Thanks for your patience and for rocking!

            – Switchfoot

  • Princy Samuel

    I didn’t get the song yet 🙁

  • Andrew Lodge

    i didn’t get a download link…

  • Emily

    such a good song guys!!!! I love it!!

  • Jonah Gordon

    Where can i listen to the song i missed the free download but would still like to hear the song

  • Jonah Gordon

    my comment just disappeared for somer reason but i missed the download and would really like to hear the song cause i understand the struggle so does anyone know where i can find the song.


    Thanks everyone, it’s was great to share the song with you. Stay tuned for more info on how you can listen to the song.

  • Dennis

    I waited and waited but never got an email. I’m not sure what happened.


      Hey Dennis,
      Send us an email and we’ll take care of it: [email protected]

      • Dennis

        Hey, I actually got an email last night around 7pm. I downloaded it and man it sounds great! Thanks so much!

  • Davaughn Bennett

    I didn’t get my song. I’m not sure if it’s too late to get it, but no hard feelings if it is.

  • Texas Fight

    Dang it. Missed the song release.

  • Emily

    lol you guys, it took me one try to get the song xD

  • Emily

    and thanks again Switchfoot for the awesome song!! 😀

  • Sareh Bagus Haeryanto

    Link has expired, no song? :'(

  • Roger Amundsen

    Who is Adriana?

  • Loved it a lot!

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