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May 12, 2016 — Jon Foreman


Float & Live It Well available for stream here:

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  • Ana Paula Santos

    Seriously, these songs are amazing! Listening to your songs gives me hope in the future, in a better world, in a meaningful life. Thank you for sharing your light and love with the world.
    PS. You guys should come to Brazil ASAP.

  • Ashley Hinkleman

    Is there a way to get the album with 2 instant downloads + bonus tracks from you digitally? I will be rather transient this summer and won’t have a permanent address to send the album to (though I will be at Bro-Am in July!). I saw that iTunes has the album available for pre-order, but I’d rather support you guys directly.

  • Emily

    the songs were AWESOME!!!

  • João Marcos Camilo

    Amazing guys … “Life is short I want to live it well

  • Bob

    Float is definitely different than what they’ve done in the past, but I really like it. It’s a lot of fun.
    I think the same about “Live it Well” that I thought about most of the songs on “Fading West”: The lyrics are good and I like the message. But, the style of music is too pop and not enough alternative/rock for my tastes. I hope that the rest of the new album sound more alternative/rock and not too much pop.

  • Bart Stone

    This has been on repeat FOREVER! Super hyped, Switchfoot!

  • Omazing

    Best band ever. The music never gets old. Only gets better the more I listen — and I’ve been listening to these bros since they started. Thank you Switchfoot for continuing to create beautiful things for my ears to hear. Don’t ever stop.

  • Helen

    Love love love these songs! Excited to hear the rest! Still an unbroken track record of great songs 🙂

  • John Trenter

    Now the refugees near Mosul have been attacked and in a camp for caring for them by preemptive love coalition no less. At least 13 precious innocent people have been killed and, a ministry supported by Switchfoot, needs emergency help. Let’s do it folks! That would be living well! Thanks SF!


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