February 14, 2017 — Jon Foreman

"True love is a stunning sight to see."


Not much is known about Saint Valentine. One legend has it that he was imprisoned for his faith. While in jail he prayed for the jailer’s daughter who was blind. Miraculously, the jailer’s daughter suddenly regained her sight. When this man was martyred for his faith, he left a note for the jailer’s daughter and signed it, “your valentine.”

Loving your enemies, praying for those who hurt you. This sounds like a bigger celebration than a last minute purchase of chocolate on the way to an overpriced fixed menu.

"Love is the movement"

“Love alone is worth the fight”
“Love is the movement”
“Your love is a song”
“Your love is strong”

I have written more songs about love than any other subject. And I’m not alone with my fascination: true love is a stunning sight to see. The highest forms of love take on a sacrificial nature, putting others needs before my own. A love like this changes the world.

In turbulent times like these I remember heroes who choose love over reactionary impulses like hatred or fear. So this Valentine’s Day, maybe we can dig deeper than just exchanging flowers and chocolates. Maybe we could reach out to someone and show them this deeper kind of love. Give of your time, share a smile, lend an ear, give a cup of coffee, or visit an old folks home.

And happy Valentine’s Day!

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