August 10, 2016 — Jon Foreman

It’s been an amazing reception of our new album, “Where The Light Shines Through.” Thank you for the love! In many ways, this album took an entire career to make. We felt so privileged to even create a 10th album as a band, so we wanted this record to be exceptional- to take risks, to push ourselves to new heights — what happens if we don’t hold anything back?

Hope you enjoy this look at the heartbeat behind WHERE THE LIGHT SHINES THROUGH.




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  • Dee Jordan

    I am searching for where I can buy an Avacado colored car! And maybe stop a fire with a squirt gun, super soaker and a slip n slide!!

  • Alison Shields (AKS)

    Nailed it, totally nailed it πŸ™‚

  • Donald Poe

    This album I cannot stop listening to!! You guys rock so much and Jon the lyrics are amazing, as usual!! I actually got very motivated from Live Life Well and that’s what is all about. I rejuvenated my blog to reflect your sentiments and gave it a whole look and feel!! See you boys on the waves!!

  • Love this video, guys! It’s so fun to hear about the making of the album. And I’m absolutely in love with Where the Light Shines Through!

  • Ron Dunbar

    the show at thesoufest was of the hook!!. congrats on a great album brothers. thanking God for the gift of music and your safe travels.

  • Helen

    I love this!! And this album, wow!
    ‘We’ve been making music a long time and I’ve *never* heard you play like that before!’ – firstly; this totally cracked me up, what a classic Jerome moment (‘…sorry, sorry!’) πŸ˜€ And secondly; I can honestly say that about all of you guys, you all outdid yourselves here! Keep it up! And I’m hoping more of these new classics make it into your live setlists too πŸ™‚

  • Andy

    It’s really awesome to get to see behind the scenes of the making of the album! Would love to see some more in-studio performances like the Live It Well video and the ones you made for Hello Hurricane πŸ™‚

  • Stacy Ebert

    This is AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing your stories behind this album…I can’t stop listening to it…so inspiring!!

  • Connie

    I love your music, it speaks to my soul.God bless you guys.

  • This is your best album EVER! I’ve been playing it over and over ever since I got the CD – in my car, at the gym, while I’m cooking. If certain songs are on when I reach my destination in the car, I simply have to stay in the car to finish the song. Where the Light Shine Through is my new drug of choice!

  • Beth Ferback

    Love the album…took on new meaning after my sister unexpectedly passed away. Took a trip we originally planned with her to Oregon/Washington (never had been there before). This album became the soundtrack as we (her husband, her son, and my other sister) drove through the mountains and beaches. The memory will always be imprinted on me of the windows rolled down, taking in so much natural beauty, choking back tears in front of my nephew, but having this unexplainable calm and seed of hope deep down. Your music is more than just music. Always been a fan…Thank you!


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