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February 21, 2017 — Jon Foreman


Amigos! After 70+ packed shows across the U.S and Canada – we have finally buttoned up the LOOKING FOR AMERICA Tour with Relient K. Singing these song with you night after night was a true honor! With so much tension in our nation, we were nightly reminded of the most beautiful part of America: the people.

Here are a few highlights:

  • With YOUR help, we raised enough heroes to help pay for over 200 surgeries for kids with treatable disabilities through CURE
  • With YOUR help, we raised almost $100,000 for the Bro-Am foundation
  • 70+ packed out shows across the US & Canada

Wanna see some of our favorite moments from tour?

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  • Deborah Raila

    come to Brasil!

  • Deborah Raila


  • Deborah Raila

    Come to Brasil,in São Paulo – SP

  • Joshua B. Hughes

    Guys, I can’t begin to tell you how much your music has meant to me. As a distance runner I have spent many long hours running the roads, thousands of miles in fact, listening to your music and connecting with both the inner and outer world. Your music has been the soundtrack of my heart. As a scientist, I am a very logical and orderly person who dissects the world for all it’s moving parts. What I feel and what my heart tells me hasn’t always got a lot of play time in my mind. This year I have been learning how to be genuinely warm, how to act without over analysis, how to show people how much I love them. It has changed my marriage and relationships in positive ways. I owe some of that to you guys. Your thoughts and feelings have helped me to find a way to express my own ideas. I know you will probably never see this, and it is unlikely I will make a concert where I get to meet you in person. Just case you ever do read this let me say thank you. You guys mean so much. Thanks for going out on the road away from family and comfort to spread hope.


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