The Lecrae love just keeps comin’! On top of kicking off our summer together with some shows, he layed down some of my favorite lines on a song on our new album ‪WHERE THE LIGHT SHINES THROUGH – he’s such an inspiring friend & artist- can’t wait to spend some more time together. Check out the tour page and join us. Hope to see you at one of shows!

I first met Lecrae in New Zealand. I was struck by his honesty and poise- while forging a road in music where very few have gone. We sat across from each other on a music panel and talked about the journey that had brought us to where we were. We joked about someday doing a tour together.
I’m proud to announce that day has finally arrived! We’re so stoked to kick off our summer with Lecrae, maybe collaborate, maybe try out a few new songs from our upcoming record? We’ve got a couple tricks up our sleeve- let’s see where this goes…