Looking at the calendar, our trip to Manila and back made very little sense. Why fly all the way to Manila and not play even one other show in all of Asia? Beyond that it was the week before our album was due.

But yesterday, standing in the middle of an intersection at one of the poorest areas on the planet- everything seemed to come together. It was as if I were suddenly aware of a script that I had never dreamed of writing, far better than the one I had written, coming to life right there in front of me.

Two days in Manila was certainly not enough time – and if we hadn’t had the pressing needs and deadline of the new record upon us we probably would’ve stayed longer. But it was enough to begin a new era for me solidifying the purpose and meaning behind these songs, and why we sing. We sing because we’re alive, we sing because we’re looking for resolution, we sing because we’re thirsty for more, we sing because hope deserves an anthem.