Memory is a strange gift. These moments come back to me like scenes from an old film, out of focus and out of order. They run into each other and overlap like waves in the middle of the ocean. When I look back at 2015, the memories flood my mind. I think of darker moments, questioning the future. I think of bright conversations of hope. And then I shift my focus to the present- what a beautiful thing it is to have a beating heart and a soul. As if our bodies live here in the valley of the present but our eyes are ever fixed on the mountains of eternity.

“Before Our Time” is a song that tries to capture the beautiful urgency of our time here on the planet. I want my time here to count- singing into the moment, seeing each day as a gift to be lived before our time runs out. This video came about just like that, as an unexpected gift. My friend Carl Diebold saw that we were playing a show in Nashville, and called me up: “I got a camera, let’s film something great!” A few days later I was singing on the streets of Nashville. I sent out a tweet to see if anyone wanted to be in the video with me. And a few hours later a bunch of folks joined us there in Centennial park. The beautiful chaos of our spontaneous video shoot embodies what I love about life and music: anything can happen!

Carl has also included a few scenes from another one of my favorite moments of 2015: playing 25 shows in 24 hours. This day was a dream come true – and what a crazy dream it was! For me it embodied a feeling that I’ve had ever since I was a child. A sentiment that has become a mantra for our band: life is short I want to live it well. Every moment is pregnant with potential. I want to sing before my time runs out. I want to live an incredible song with my life.

The Wonderlands was an attempt to do just that: to honor every hour of the day using the metaphor light and darkness to unearth my deepest fears and my strongest hopes. I want to thank my family, my friends, and my band mates, for joining me and encouraging me on this journey. And thanks to every one of you who has supported these crazy endeavors of life and music; Thanks for singing along.