Yesterday in the studio, we celebrated the 13th anniversary of The Beautiful Letdown with its producer John Fields (pictured above), who also produced the follow-up album Nothing Is Sound.

And now, for the first time in ten years, we are back in the studio with Fields, working on our 10th album and loving every minute of it. Moving forward inevitably means looking back, and there is a lot of nostalgia flowing through the studio these days, looking at old photos, and remembering the moments that made The Beautiful Letdown so special. The Beautiful Letdown was recorded in a 10-day fury up in LA, since that’s all the studio time we could afford.  It was a mad dash the entire time. This time we’re harnessing some of that urgency to access our purest instincts, while also taking the time to push each other further than ever… finding our roots, and planting them in places we’ve never seen before. We can already tell that album #10 will be a special one.