As we embark on our 10th studio album (unbelievable!), I can’t help but look back at my journey as a musician and feel completely grateful for being able to do what I love for so long.

I’ve been with Switchfoot for over 15 years and I hope to be doing this for the next 15 years and beyond. Today I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, so I’m looking back at when my journey began and how that road got me to where I am today, not from when I started with Switchfoot, but long before that. The story before the story.

Before I joined the band, I was in two other bands, Mortal and Fold Zandura. Long story short, same band members, different name. Oh, and two very different styles of music. Mortal’s music was more of an industrial metal style (e.g. NIN, Ministry, Skinny Puppy). Fold Zandura’s music had a more british-space -pop type of sound (e.g. Oasis, The Verve, My Bloody Valentine). These styles of music don’t exactly scream “Switchfoot,” but I’d like to think it’s just how diverse my musical tastes are and exactly how plot twists work.

Growing up and learning how to play my instruments, I was exposed to so many different kinds of music. What ties these styles together and what ties most music together is the melody and song. We always say, the song is king. If you listen closely, you will hear many similarities from Mortal, Foldzan and Switchfoot. Sure, there are many elements that make each band different, but at it’s core, the melody and song are king.

Here is an example of a Mortal tune:
“Bright Wings”

Here is an example of a Fold Zandura tune:
“Stormy Hill”

Making music with Mortal and Foldzan has prepared me for the plot I am now in. I will forever be grateful to each band for helping me grow musically. They have played a vital roll in making me the person I am today. I am excited to take everything I’ve learned (and I’ve learned a lot) over the years to the next chapter of Switchfoot. Here we go number 10!