“So, of all the places around the world that you’ve played, what is your favorite place?”…I get asked that question a lot. Touring can be one of the funnest and hardest things. On one hand I miss family and my “home” but traveling always brings some awesome memories. On our last tour (Tour De Compadres with Need to Breathe, Colony House, and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors) we played one of my most memorable shows to date…Red Rocks!

This place rules as a natural outdoor amphitheater and is known as one of the highest rated venues by musicians and fans because it is so unique and beautiful. Backstage are photos of all the artists who’ve played there and the list is inspiring… and kinda intimidating, as well as a funky tunnel running under the stage where all of the bands can graffiti and tag their names, so much history! Since this show sold out early, we knew the crowd was going to be expecting something special. I had a few friends fly out for the show, one with his wife and newborn who couldn’t find a hotel room within 90 miles and ended up sleeping in their rental car…sorry Stephen, bummer! Another was a longtime friend who I worked at summer camps with in college and then also my friend Randy T. who used to road manage my old band (All Together Separate). Randy and I got to connect and I thanked him for being a part of helping me get to this place by building into me all those early years. Another legendary artist was backstage who I was inspired by as a high school guitar player, and now he was coming to our show! Crazy life. That’s the kind of subtext that gets me really fired up and it added to the magic of this particular night.

We as a band locked into the music particularly well that night and as we played, the sun went fully down and the moon came up. I do an improvised solo in “Your Love is a Song” and this night something just felt really landmark for me. I enjoyed playing so much. The feeling of the venue’s history, the energy of the crowd, and the unity in our life as a band… it all just clicked in a really monumental way for me at that Red Rocks show. It was one of the most memorable ever, here’s to Red Rocks!