I won’t let you go

Last year was a really tough year for me. This album was, in many ways, an attempt to find a path towards hope, armed with the flashlight of melody and lyric. “I Won’t Let You Go” is a song that faces the darkness head on.

I tried to sing this one from the other side- from the inside of love, from the conclusion of the story. If the author of time and space, the one who breathed my soul into existence, were to sing me a song about trust, it might go something like this, “I love you and I won’t let you go.” I believe that where you put your trust begins to define you. This is a song about learning to trust in a transcendent love that will never leave me.

You want peace but there’s war in your head.

Maybe that’s where life is born. When our façades are torn. Pain gives birth to the promise ahead