This is Tyson Mostenbocker a fellow San Diego musician. I had the chance to tour with Tyson on a few of my wonderland dates. Tyson’s the best kind of friend to have on long drives through the south west: kind, smart, funny, and super talented. He’s the right kind of crazy. Ready for another zipline off of an old building in New Mexico in the middle of the night? me too…

Tyson’s new record “Letters To Lost Loves” just hit the streets today. Give it a listen, some good stuff.

Click Here: Tyson Motsenbocker on Spotify

More on Tyson:
In 2013, after the death of his mother and hero, Motsenbocker walked the six hundred mile stretch of coastline to San Francisco in memory of her. In the contrast of loud cars on a dirty highway with the serene beauty of the Pacific Ocean Motsenbocker contracted a new view of life beyond loss, a renegotiated relationship with God and peace inside the turmoil. This walk would become the basis for his debut full length record: Letters To Lost Loves out today on Tooth & Nail Records.