Where The Light Shines Through is our tenth album as a band. It's the most personal album of hope and struggle that we've ever made. Because these new songs mean so much to us, we wanted to find the perfect place to unveil them. We all came to the same conclusion - the only place to release these songs would be in our own hometown on our favorite day of the year: at the 12th annual SWITCHFOOT BRO-AM! This is a dream come true: to share our new album with our community first. To be able to give the new record to our hometown before we give it to anyone else. Even better, to give a portion of the record sales back to the BRO-AM Foundation. A free show for our hometown? A celebration of our community on the beach with surfing and rock and roll? All to celebrate and provide resources for underprivileged kids in our community? Yup. That sounds like Where the Light Shines Through.

The BRO-AM Foundation raises money for programs in our community that are serving at-risk youth. Hope deserves an anthem and the struggle for hope deserves to be celebrated. That's why we started the BRO-AM 11 years ago - we wanted to join with the kids in our community who are fighting for hope, to come alongside of them and inspire them to keep going.

But the irony is that these kids have given me more inspiration than I could ever give in return. They have encouraged me to keep going. These children and their story give me hope. Gold, silver, and diamonds could never shine as bright as the eyes of a child. In the eyes of the underprivileged, I see the promise of Hope. Even in my own weakness, I feel the promise of strength. In the dried up rivers, I hear the promise of rain. In the darkest night, I see the promise of dawn.

The wound is where the light shines through.




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