7 years ago today "Hello Hurricane" was released!

This was a defining record for us as a band. It came on the heels of a very turbulent time. At Columbia Records our friends were getting fired left and right. The very institution that was supposed to represent stability and sanity felt too chaotic to continue working with. We were thankful for our years with Columbia Records, but it was time for a change.

So we decided to start over: to build our own studio, and begin to create projects independent of any record company. After a few years of solo projects and side projects, we began to dive into a new era our band. We wrote hundreds of songs and began recording most of them in our studio.

The motto was, "if you ain't crying, why you singing it." After years of questions and frustrations our independence had clarified our mission. We wanted to make music of hope. We can't control these storms that we go through but we are responsible for our actions even in the middle of the storm. Hello Hurricane is an album that aims to sing into the storms of life.




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