The Story Behind Voices

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"When I was in high school, before we would paddle out to go surfing, we used to hang out with the homeless on the beach. And one of the regulars was a man that all was affectionately known as Static Man.

Static Man usually wore illumine foil on his head to make sure that aliens were not reading his thoughts. But it wasn’t only the aliens, the government was involved too.

Rumor had it that a mental hospital had shut down and left Static Man and hundreds of others on the streets. And though his train of thought wasn’t easy to follow there was a lot of fear, a lot of pain, mistrust, and paranoia.

But I didn’t feel that different from Static Man and I wonder what brought him to this point.

Were the voices in his head different than the voices in my head?"

- Jon


Watch the Video above to get the full story from Jon!


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