Friends of the Foot ($5.99/month)

$ 5.99

FOTF Club - ($5.99/month) includes*:

•12 livestreams per year (1 per month) - These livestreams will consist of:
- 8 Livestream hangouts...let's call them "Family Hang Outs". These are similar to what many of you know as “Bonus Streams” — very unscripted, in the moment hangouts where we take questions, talk about what we’re up to, and maybe even throw in a song or two. These streams have become one of our favorite things to do, you never know what’s going to happen!
- 4 full-blown Livestream Concerts. Much more music focused, we play songs and tell stories. Some of these may be from concerts while we’re on tour, others will be live from Melody League Studios.

•First Access to Tickets, Exclusive Friends Of The Foot Merchandise, flash sale discounts, and all that good stuff.

•Unique FOTF Number - As a way of honoring everyone who helped to build this community, we’re going to be giving out numbers that reflect when you jumped into the FNTMS or FOTF crew. If you joined early, you’ll get a lower number. New subscribers will get a number that’s higher than the folks that have been in from the beginning.

•Bonus! Not part of the deal, but because it’s just so fun, we will occasionally surprise you with unreleased live recordings and exclusive content.By purchasing I agree to the Friends Of The Foot Club Subscriber Agreement and acknowledge that you have read our privacy policy.

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