Float is a new song of ours- a song that was inspired by my friend Jeremy who lives in Iraq with his family, working with an organization called preemptivelove.org.

These days, Jeremy has been spending most of his time working with the victims of Isis. Survivors, refugees, children, families who need help. Got this from jeremy yesterday:

“The battle against ISIS in Fallujah has begun. 50,000 women and children are starving, eating grass, being used as human shields. It’s ground zero for the entire ISIS movement. I’m trying to get aid to the front lines. (As you can imagine, there is little love for Fallujah and few aid orgs trying). Can you help get the word out?”.

I don’t believe that music can single-handedly change the world. But music has the power to move the human heart, music can is a spark that ignites incredible changes. Maybe this song can help to shine a light on the weary remnant of survivors fighting for hope in Iraq.

To our friends around the world, go to preemptivelove.org. Spread the word, send up a prayer, Make a donation if you can. And to Jeremy and his family in Iraq, stay strong. I pray that you float.

peace, jon

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