The Wound Is Where The Light Shines Through

Much love to Lecrae and The New Respects - thanks for an incredible tour. Gonna miss y'all!

Most of all, thanks to Drew, Jerome, Chad & Tim for your patience with me for the last 9 albums. Here's to the future, excited to travel down that road with such an incredible band of brothers

And to our extended family- Chico, Ryan, Phiffer, Hersh, Travis, Bruce, Tammy, Bobby, Tanner, Ali, Brittany, Andrew, Mark, David, and everyone else out there who has supported us and worked so hard to get these songs out there for folks to listen to- thanks for fighting for these songs of hope. We love singing along with you

We sing because we're alive. We sing because we're broken. We sing because we refuse to believe that hatred is stronger than love. We sing because melodies begin where words fail. We sing because the wound is where the light shines through. We sing because hope deserves an anthem. - jon


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