Stories Behind the Songs: Bull In a China Shop

When I was in high school, my friend down the street had 2 pairs of boxing gloves. During those summer nights all the neighborhood kids would take turns, fighting each other in the back yard. Things were simpler then: You win some, you lose some. You get hit, you get back up. You keep your hands up, you move your feet. You bide your time and look for a window of opportunity to land a good shot.

Life isn't so simple now. Sometimes it feels like the fight never lets up. Like you don't know where to hit, or what's knocking you down.

But these songs can be an incredible pair of gloves, so night after night I use music to fight back.

Against apathy.

Against depression.

Against bitterness, or hatred, or greed.

When it feels like all of my doors are blocked music becomes a way to find an opening-

"Bring me the music of the revolution, I'm fighting for more than just a dead solution. Maybe good living is the best defense." - Jon





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