The 2022 SWITCHFOOT Getaway is your ticket to the ULTIMATE San Diego adventure! Join us June 20th-23rd 2022 for the trip of a lifetime in our hometown! Just take a look at what we've got planned!


Each and every Getaway, we kick it off right with proper introductions  (or RE-introductions for a lot of you!). Come for the Welcome Dinner & Meet ’N Greet and stay for the…

That’s right… A FULL BLOWN PRIVATE ROCK SHOW ON DAY ONE!  DAY ONE! Ever dream of a private show with all the accouterments of an arena show but with ONLY you and your closest friends?? Here’s your chance!


No trip to San Diego is complete without a good old day at the beach! For 2021 we’ve got a NEW spot with even more activities! Choose your own adventure! We can surf, we can paddle board, kayak, build sandcastles, party in the JAM TENT or just lounge in the sun, so many options for activities!

Back by popular demand… The Sunset Cruise! Just like a day at the beach, you can’t come to San Diego without taking a spin around the beautiful San Diego Bay! We’ll have a sing along on the waterfront and under the Coronado Bridge as the sun sets on day two! (You may even get a bonus peek at our secret boat dock where we did our Fantastic Traveling Music Show photoshoot!)


Here’s your chance to come over to our secret club house AND hang out while we record an EP! That’s right, in addition to getting a tour of the studio (who want’s a cup of studio coffee and a photo with a Grammy?!), you’ll have the chance to hang out in the control room while we record the 2021 Backstage EP!

Join us as we invest back into our local community at Feeding San Diego! As individuals and as a band, we believe that YOU have the power make the world a better place… To be the positive force of hope that you want to see in the world. 

How do you cap off a day of music & giving back to the local community? MORE MUSIC! Ever wish you could ask Jon to play a tune AND ask a question or hear the story about where that song came from?! Here’s your shot!


ALL NEW IN 2021 - An evening of the Fantastic NOT Traveling Music Show overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean in La Jolla! Yep, we’re closing the week out right! Come early to explore one of our favorite hometown attractions, then cruise out to the deck for one final sing along and group photo as the sun sets on another EPIC summer Getaway week in San Diego!