Livestream FAQ

For questions about the livestream email:
*Season Pass Holders* - You get a second piece of content every month! This month's bonus stream will be:
6/14 @ 5 PM PT and you can watch it HERE
1. I've purchased live stream tickets, how do I watch?
- The show takes place at 5PM Pacific on JUNE 17TH. In order to access the live stream page, you will need to be signed into your account you created when checking out. Once you login to your account, our site will know if you purchased tickets and you will be able to see the stream on THIS PAGE

2. Can I buy tickets for my friends?
- Of course! Once you’ve purchased the ticket, send us an email at with your friend’s email full name and an account will be set up for them!

3. How can I watch the live stream on my TV?
- Note: Samsung's Internet TV browser does not support streaming video. Please use a streaming device or airplay if available.

Using a product like AppleTV, Chromecast or Amazon's Fire Stick that also has a web app.  In all cases, you simply need to use a browser, navigate to the stream page, sign in and press play like normal. 
-Chromecast instructions here 
-Apple TV instructions here 
-Amazon Fire Stick instructions here

4. Will this live stream be available for on-demand viewing later?
- Yes, for existing purchasers for 72 hours!
5. How do I change my billing or credit card information?
- You can update your CC info on THIS PAGE 
6. How do I cancel my subscription?
- If you need to cancel your livestream subscription, send us an email from the link below.
- You can manage your subscription on THIS PAGE 
7. I have another question!
- For all other questions email us HERE
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